November 2013 edition

Jens Peterson- Cloudest Speaker

Seth Buller

The little things! Water and long empty roads

My first taste of true nothingness. Visit Irish Canyon, you'll lose your mind!

October Edition 2013

Treeline Outdoors


Treeline Outdoors "The Mountain is Calling" from Treeline Outdoors on Vimeo.

Evan Lane is a photographer and director based out of Los Angeles. Evan and his girlfriend Kayla set out on a road trip across Vancouver Island. The plan? To spend 7 days traveling, eating what they were able to catch along the lakes and oceanfront, and camping wherever their Jeep (complete with Treeline Roof-top Tent) led them.


Jeffrey Evans

Summer Edition 2013

Aled Roberts

 A wonderfully talented composer and film-scorer, creating original music for commercial and film spots.

Charles Bukowski's Nirvana revolves around a young man traveling to an undetermined destination, questioning his purpose in the world. Along the young man's aimless journey, he encounters a moment in time at a charming diner. In just that moment something is awakened inside of him, but even with a sense of purpose, sadness follows. "Nirvana" is a melancholy postcard from memories long past.



Jens Peterson

 A beat maker, doodler, painter, & spirit stick maker, the sound Jens' creates, embodies the being of his natural rhythm. 

Nicole Lagers  

Tuesday  (audio to the side of text)

like a root i dove into the ground looking for something to lighten that little 

amaranthine hole that exists in the back of my mind 

i found friendly pebbles, remnants of ancestors, nutrition and moisture 

i found you 

everywhere i looked, silhouetted behind floral sheets hung to dry, caught 

between adjectives and pronouns in Tom Robbin's book about Pyramids 

i married you 

in my mind, at the tobacco store, on a snowy porch or wooded cove by a 


you said we looked good together despite being unimpressed by my 

confession that if i had a choice, i'd be a sunflower.

You dove into America’s Southwest like a Juniper setting up shop in the 

Sangre de Cristos

Settled, stoned and adaptable

i lost You there 

Counted the days until we’d be our original selves 

Well water, dancing up against the lip of the well and each other

Overflowing and abundant, able to share and give and only take a little

i wanted to be the water that boiled the baby’s bottle, You wanted to be the

rain that caused the flood

And so we jumped in, engulfed ourselves in one another 

No bother if we never learned how to swim